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Welcome to my blog! This is Lily Wang,  mother to two amazing teens, wife, daughter, sister, spiritual friend, animal lover and the author of Baby Haiku,Garden Haiku and Reflection Haiku. In this blog, you will find my newest micro-poetry, book/product reviews and blog posts about Chinese characters with English meanings, pronunciations and quotes. For the future tweets and blog posts, I will be sharing Chinese characters from the beautiful song “Ocean Over the Time” by Dimash Kudaibergen  (for the full Chinese lyrics and English translation, please see below) I hope you enjoy those posts and I look forward to connecting with you through my blog and my twitter @reflectionhaiku~

Beautiful performance on Youtube by #Dimash- Ocean Over The Time unofficial mv (English subtitles)

時光滄海 ( Ocean Over the Time)

時光 宛如雨後的藍 (OT #1-8)

天涯 未遠 (OT #9-12)

風華 縱使未曾遠

飄散 往事如煙





時光 宛如指間的弦



你在 我的身邊














時光 宛如風裏的船


月色 如水影千帆


English Translation of Ocean over the Time  

Time, like the blue after the rain  

The horizon is not distant

Your beauty, though never faded away

The past had vanished like the mist

The poems I engraved on the stones

Blossoming on the cliff

Like the silent flame

Transforming into

the waves of the dusty world

Time, the strings between my fingers

The song is not distant

Remember the field of flowers blooming

You were by my side

The waste land I’ve traveled

Disseappered like the time gone by

As the eternal glaciers

Dissipated into howling blizzard

The waste land in my heart

Has vanished through the ages

Like the oath I made in the past

Turning into light

Penetrating through the abyss

Opening my eyes –

I see through the ocean over the time

At the end of the sky

Time, like the boat in the wind

Drifting away with the waves

Moonlight, as the thousand sails

Reflecting on the clear water

I am here in front of your eyes-


Composer: Thomas Parisch (Sinister, Resident Evil 6, Drag Me to Hell) Lyrics: Tingting Gu Piano: Randy Kerber (La La Land, Titanic, Harry Potter series) Backup Singer & Song demo: Uyanga Bold (the Dark Knight) String Orchestra: Budapest Film Symphony Orchestra Mastering: Bernie Grundman (Michael Jackson-“Thriller”, Prince-“Purple Rain”) Mixing: John W. Chapman (Ghost in the Shell, Interstellar, Captain America: Civil War) Recording Engineer: Kyle Hoffmann (George Doering)

For more subtitles of translations, visit Dimash “Ocean Over the Time” Official MV димаш 迪玛希时光沧海 by Dimash InfoStation

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