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Welcome to my blog! This is Lily Wang, mother, wife, daughter, sister, soulmate, poetry, wisdom & animal lover, ascension guide (incarnate angel/high priestess/divine feminine) and the author of Baby Haiku, Garden Haiku and Reflection Haiku. In this blog, you will find my newest micro-poetry, book reviews and blog posts about Chinese characters with English meanings, pronunciations and quotes. in June 2019, I was inspired to rename my blog to Celestial Poems (poems for 5th dimensional new earth) to share my own awakening journey and discoveries. Our material life has a spiritual destination. I write as guided by visions from within and as long as my words bring any one friend-reader upliftment, my mission is accomplished. I hope you enjoy those posts and I look forward to connecting with you through my blog and my twitter @celestialpoem~ Namaste!

her face 

framed in a halo 

of winter light — 

on her journey 

now with angels 

~ Marilyn Humbert

via /Eric Liu @StoryHaikuTanka 9/26/2019


3 Comments on “Welcome to my blog

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    Dear Reflection Haiku,

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    I saw that you reviewed Kids book: Room on the Broom, so I thought you’d enjoy a free copy of “20 Degrees”.

    It would mean the world to us if you could join our launch team and leave a review on launch day on June 23.

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    In appreciation for your support for humorous storytellers,

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