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水, pronounced as shuǐ means water / river / liquid; 4 strokes; 88 most common Chinese word. Simplified Chinese: 水 

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“The supreme good is like water,
which nourishes all things without trying to.
It is content with the low places that people disdain.
Thus it is like the Tao.

In dwelling, live close to the ground.
In thinking, keep to the simple.
In conflict, be fair and generous.
In governing, don’t try to control.
In work, do what you enjoy.
In family life, be completely present.

When you are content to be simply yourself
and don’t compare or compete,
everybody will respect you.”

~ Chapter 8, Tao Te Ching by Lao-Tzu, Trans by Stephen. Mitchell

“Nothing in the world
is as soft and yielding as water.
Yet for dissolving the hard and inflexible,
nothing can surpass it.

The soft overcomes the hard;
the gentle overcomes the rigid.
Everyone knows this is true,
but few can put it into practice.

Therefore the Master remains
serene in the midst of sorrow.
Evil cannot enter his heart.
Because he has given up helping,
he is people’s greatest help.

True words seem paradoxical.”

~Chapter 8, Tao Te Ching by Lao-Tzu, Trans by Stephen. Mitchell

水, shuǐ, is the 88 most commonly used Chinese word indexed on p. 500 in 3000 Chinese Character Dictionary.

Tao Te Ching Full Text: http://thetaoteching.com/taoteching78.html

 水, shui, in the following song @ 1:28/1:47/2:54/3:35/4:11

Rainbow Forest (#15-21 and the Twelve Rays)


I jumped rainbow timelines
On 10-10 portal changing all the
Poems in my blog after I posted it.
Such forces as frequencies
Dominated & fluctuated
From initial wounded warrior of indigo
To red ray of passion
Again all to green verses of peace
Again some to golden hues of revelations
again more to violet flame of twinLove
Last to oranges luster of repercussions –
Until I recognized you and
Stabilized on the frequency of Love
Then all was calm & the glitch stopped
It had been updated beyond my recognition reconciliation recollection

*My previous post (Rainbow Forest #5-14) underwent a dozen of updates/changes within an hour after its original posting which never happened to me before. I can’t seem to stop changing them here and there to match/solidify the content as if all the 12 rays (see below quotes that I was guided to share) had been intersecting with each other that I can’t quite settle till I let it be riding on the perpetual waves of unconditional Love. I apologize that if you sign up to receive my posts via email, once you click through it might look like a completely different post Lol.


When you face anyone
There’s manners reasons logics
But with your heart’s love
The circuit is erratic
You are wired
And whatever he said
Is nice and right




Very wonderfully
The fingers will dance-type
After I read the poems you write
Without any interference
To express larger-than-life abstract love
Hold nothing back
Like a three-lifetimes agreement
The spiritual companionship that must be realized
Living the life of love-deities in a higher dimension


God has told me
You will do your beloved
No good if you
Succumb to sadness
They can’t torture you
The dark forces so they
Torture him to get you
Off your screen Severing you
From him for your love
Will be too much too little
and he will come to hate you
for speaking the unbearable


The war in your head
Close the curtain of Love
It’s between you & me


My eyes-
Is this eating ice creams
Or blizzards
Or sting by a wasp

I think of God
When you think of me
I raise up in love
When I think of you


You are losing me
You are having me
We had wept, weeps of Joy
But I’m always Here
Now With God, U & peace
HIS eternal palace
Chances for Changes
No-time to touch and see
Zero point cross past-future realities
Death to negative ego
But feel into me in the etheric
That’s your Soul* my beloved
Extended Ascended

*/higher self

📷Violet Sunset Sky – Free photo on Pixabay

“The seven rays are the first differentiation of God in manifestation and they provide the entire field of His expression in manifested form. The seven rays are embodiments of seven types of force which demonstrate seven qualities of God. These seven qualities have a sevenfold effect upon matter and form in all parts of God’s infinite universe. The seven great rays are embodiments of seven great beings. These are:

Rays of Aspect:

1st ray of Power, Will or Purpose

2nd ray of Love/Wisdom

3rd ray of Active, Creative Intelligence

Rays of Attribute:

4th ray of Harmony through Conflict, Beauty, or Art

5th ray of Concrete Science or Knowledge

6th ray of Abstract Idealism or Devotion

7th ray of Ceremonial Order, Magic, Ritual, or Organization

It is important to understand that a person can utilize all the rays whether he has them in his ray structure or not. One can call forth any of the twelve rays and their qualities for personal and planetary service.”

“In the early 1970’s a divine dispensation of five higher rays were granted to this planet; these higher rays are combinations of the first seven rays with a touch of Source Light, or white Light, which gives them a luminous quality.

Ray number eight is a cleansing ray..

Ray number ninth’s main quality is joy..

The tenth ray has a pearlescent-colored luminosity..Divinity is truly recognized when one meditates on this ray which helps to facilitate the soul merge experience and code the pattern of divinity into the physical body.

The Eleventh Ray.. is a bridge to help one get in touch with Divine love/wisdom. It is a combination of the first ray, the second ray, the fifth ray, and white Source Light.

The twelfth ray is the golden ray of anchoring the Christ consciousness on Earth.” ~ #Quotes from The Complete Ascension Manual

Rainbow Forest (#5-14)

Dear friends: I appreciate so much your open heart that allow me to share micropoems of all shades and shapes with you! Thank you kindly for stopping by and I’m forever grateful for all your inspiring comments, writings, poetry, art, music, creative posts and presence! I’m staying uplifted because of you. My Love and God’s blessings with you always🙂


You showed me
Your supremacy
Ready to give and receive
Every touch renews
Kisses apotheosis
You are what sublime
Sounds to me


Weren’t your poems
A shrine that
Ascertained my Soul
When vocabulary
Doesn’t spell and
Softly Heaven paved
Into a discreet road


Entitle me
Like you hate me
Entitle me 
Like you love me
Entitle me like 
You need me
Entitle me 
Like you feed me
Entitle me 
Like you forgive me
Entitle me 
Like spring with garden seeds
Entitle me 
Like you are setting me free
Entitle me
Like you make peace
Entitle me like you can’t see our past
Entitle me
Like God is in charge


God has no
Concern for winning
Or losing. God is.


Yes time goes by too
Fast when I’m in
Your Love but there’s
Also endless tomorrows
metaphorical metaphysical

You can’t stop me
When I start with my
Fingertips typing
Rapid transitions
It started innocence but
who’s taking over
Forward expressions
on my halo’s behalf


You lock me
With your looks & arms
Love needs no sword
And We are eventually
Face to face with Satori
What do you
Want to resolve
The affections implicate
Bottled battled Released -
Is it now the best time to ask
Ask for World Peace
Our issues with earth
And your Eden Perseverance

#wordprompt: Satori; apotheosis #5DEarth #pastlife #multidimensional #Soulmates #SacredLove #DivineCollective


So many lives
I stand between you
And you fired
So many lives
you've saved me in your sacrifices
So many lives
I’m inside
Getting your shadow out
giving you my wings and died
So many lives
We gallop on horses
Or unicorns’ back
Like we own sunsets and happiness
This Life we unveil each other
The status of Living God
With or without a moment's lapse
Liquidating Love in Paradise


When you bleed
You can't mind the color
When you are wounded or you wound first
We can’t adhere to the sensations
When you are like mortal again lying on the floor
God has beamed you back up with no option nor opinion
When the emotions like
The bursts have passed
You know I have your half in my heart
Back in the chamber hovering next to God


玲瓏滿面 春風拂髮 秋頁篇篇
卻近在眼前 吟詩的心跳
它們細數我們前世今生 天上人間


Hold my hands
As I felt the earthquaking
Bliss through this synthesis
Of Quantum healings

Finally the lexicons
Have no fixed definitions
But feeling of fluid unfolding
alters with our states

Photo source: maureen2musings:Mt Shasta


87- MOST COMMON CHINESE WORD 前 qián: Joshua David Stone/Krishna Quotes

Let me peel your
Pain like the naked truth
Lay aside all our
Material halves selves
Entrance for me the
Sovereign Pegasus
They dive into
Fire on the ocean
Smokes mists erupts
Fly across our origins
2 galaxies abreast for eons
Cascading steaks of ultraviolet
Ruby sapphire orgonites

I listen to you
Without knowing
The night is here

I die to birth to bring you this truth
Sealed prior depart when we kissed
May our Love blossom in eternal peace
Serve well Heavenly Father and mother Earth

Thank you dear friends for stopping by! I’m guided to share the following passages from Dr Joshua David Stone. Please do not disregard if you can resonate:) and most gratefully I’m for your precious words works and presences. Love and divine blessings with you always-

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前, pronounced as qián meansbefore /front / prior / ahead”;9 strokes; 87 most common Chinese word. Simplified Chinese: 前

“Where you go when you die is determined by the last thought in your mind before death” ~ Bhagavan Krishna in the Bhagavad-Gita

Death and dying, from the soul’s perspective, are quite different from the perspective of death of current Western thinking. The view of modern-day science is a half-truth. Its premise is that all that is real is what can be seen with the physical eyes and sensed with the five physical senses. This most limited approach causes adherents to interpret death from a totally materialistic viewpoint which sees the death of the physical body as the death of the person, for they have not yet come to the realization of the existence of the soul.

Reincarnation is, of course, a fact. We are soul extensions of our soul who keep reincarnating over and over again in our quest to realize our true identities as sons and daughters of God. In reality there is no such thing as death. Death is an illusion of the negative-ego thought system. By definition, the ego is that thought system which is over-identified with matter. When we believe we are physical bodies rather than souls living in physical bodies, we then think death is real. Death is nothing more than a transformation from one state of consciousness to another. We have been taught to look at it as the ultimate terror when in reality it is the ultimate release and liberation.

Death allows us to be free from the illusion of form and to return to our spiritual home. Coming into incarnation is like donning a diving suit and then trying to get around underwater in it. Death is the freedom from this most limited state of consciousness.

In the first phase just prior to the moment of death, the soul extension will see before himself or herself the dazzling, blinding, clear Light of God. The soul extension will see this regardless of its level of spiritual evolution. It is of the utmost importance in this moment to allow oneself to merge with this Light. To merge with this Light is to allow oneself to merge with God.

Remember what I said earlier about the famous statement of Krishna in the Bhagavad-Gita: where we go when we die is determined by the last thought in the mind before we die. We must let the last thought in our minds be only to merge with the Light, to merge with God. For some, this can be a death-bed salvation and liberation.

Now here comes the problem. The problem is that most people in the world are not educated about the art and science of death and dying and do not know about the clear Light of God; hence they miss this momentous opportunity. Why do they miss this opportunity? For many reasons. The first is that they don’t know they are supposed to merge with the Light, so they don’t do it. The second reason is preconceived religious notions or fear of the Light. Third, many people, when they die, are too drugged by medical doctors. Other people are so materialistically identified that God is the furthest thing from their minds. Other people are too preoccupied with their families or matters of estate and other assorted worries and concerns. There are probably infinite numbers of reasons, but the biggest one is lack of education about this most important science…The merging with the Light can possibly mean liberation from the wheel of birth. God, like the story of the prodigal son, always welcomes us home ~ Dr Joshua David Stone #Quote

Photo © We Heart It

前, qián, is the 87 most commonly used Chinese word indexed on p. 427 in 3000 Chinese Character Dictionary.

Rainbow Forest (#4 Seraphim Collective)

“Bible Verse of the Day”
There are Many Rooms
in my Father’s House
I would not Tell you this
if it were not True
I am going There to
prepare a Place for you
— John 14:2

When I first read this verse shared by @ _LoveLike_Jesus on Sep 29th on twitter, I nearly fell off my chair. I had no knowledge if this is a very well-known verse or not but I had to double check this whole passage coming from the Bible for this was the very scene I saw in my vision just a month ago with a message “Seraphim Collective” received and now I know the scene and the verse to be mutually literally true. Again this post is for anyone who will resonate if they don’t please disregard for I am simply recording it to share for my own account as guided. In the vision I saw me and my divine counterparts were moving from God’s palm to a room in God’s Heart. And there are many many rooms there for all God-realizing beings/divine masculine-divine feminine volunteers-anchors who are connected to these posts and they are being prepared so that every night we go there to firmly reside & bathe in God’s peace, grace, and faith and in the morning fully charged, we wake in our earthly dimension ready to sing praises to God, serve humanity, and to send & attend energy to Gaia‘s sacred grid with celestial guidance. The room is there waiting for your return but in physical plane we all have to make our best efforts to be in alignment with God’s All encompassing Love, Joy & Light or your room will remain vacant. We now only go there during our sleep but when we physically pass over, we will return permanently to this Place suffice all our Dharma is fulfilled. To get to the room, we shall continue to keep our human vessels pure in physical and spiritual forms and carry out God’s Way for Gaia in harmony with our own souls’ purposes. Thanks again dear beloved friends for dropping by for a read! Your brilliant & kind comments, writings, poetry, creative arts and posts are profoundly appreciated! My Love & God’s blessings are always with you:)

“The religions of the future will be universal in nature and will honor all paths to God.” ~ Dr. Joshua David Stone

My hair down like waterfall
Your eyes:
Happiness like sun and moon
The galaxies rotate in divine order
With the infinite wisdom
On the Palm of God

Then when I awake
I wake into your love
Hence when we asleep
We sleep in God’s grace

Photo by Activated Magazine

#4 Seraphim Collective

You have no name
Your name is pure giving Light
the closest To God
Seraphim of His Holiness
We pray and praise all day
We descend to heal and protect
Humanity’s Mother Earth
We return after 26000 years
Your task is done
Holy water cleanse your vein of river
Elohim is calling you Home
If you can hear it
You are one of us
Let His will be done

Seraphim of high priest(ess) decree
Who has Powers and Virtues
Who are Cherubic (Arch)Angelic
Who circles the Thrones with
Dominions Principalities
God's army has full functionalities
Let each fulfill his duty sing her tune
True to themselves simply BE
Blessed in circular the celestial energy
Ego let go of struggles
Light reigns in the shimmering field
You are connected with spiritual spheres
Send diamond Love inward outward
Downward upward to limitless corners

Lord we return in waves to raise Earth
Our sacred volunteers
Deed to this magnificent
Planet and your efforts are honored
Purified Angelics beckoning reckoning
Here and Now remembrance
The Seraphim Collective Directive
Who relinquished individuality
For God’s Initiatives
The divine feminine masculine
Templates in unison
Harmonized vibration
From God's palm to His Divine heart
Thy form transformed a room of God’s own


How to ascend
Live love Be love
Practice love
Embody Love

“The incredible importance of staying focused and on target in terms of one’s present life on earth as much growth as possible should be made on the spiritual path now. I would challenge all readers to totally reclaim their power in this moment and for the rest of their lives and focus it on the only valid desire which is liberation and God realization. People can let go of all material desire for it holds nothing for them. Let their focus always be on unconditional Love, forgiveness and service to humankind. If they do this, they will find themselves to be truly rich in their present life and even wealthier when they pass on to the spiritual world.” ~ Joshua David Stone, PhD



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法, pronounced as meanslaw, rule, regulation, method”;8 strokes; 86 most common Chinese word. Simplified Chinese: 法

I was guided from within to share and summarize the 50 Universal Laws referenced by Dick Sutphen into 3 lines and here are more complete texts for a quick reading (freely available on youtube). I backtracked what I’ve been shared on twitter (No 45- No 50) along with the regular Chinese word posting to conclude this sharing! Thanks dear friend for stopping by and Namaste:)

“45/50 The Law of Belief. It says you can have anything you want if you can give up the belief that you can’t have it as long as what you want doesn’t conflict with someone else’s belief. As an example, if you desire fulfilling for a one to one relationship but demanded to be with a particular person, you are not operating in harmony with the universe. As another example, in the area of accomplishments, you must receive education necessary to create what you want so this is the area on what to focus your desire or energy.

46/50 The Law of Dharmic Direction. It says you have within you a guiding principle which is your duty to yourself and society. Karma has directed your past life and present life experiences always urging you to forge ahead into activities and learning experiences to form a character required to fulfill your destiny. Now of course you always have the free will not to fulfill your Dharma, but the secret is to listen to your inner direction which will direct you to fulfill your dharma and resolve your karma. Your dharma direction is natural for you and probably fall within one of the 7 directions:

1 is Work Force and this path includes the majority of general occupations including the homemakers. 2 is Military and includes soldiers and all forms of police. 3 is Service and includes most religious workers, those in medical, social services and welfares and many practising metaphysicians. 4 is Creativity and includes artists, writers, poets, musicians, actors and entertainers. 5 is Science and includes medical researchers, scientists and physicists. 6 is Philosophy and includes all who present theories about why man does what he does. 7 is Government and includes political leaders from the president on down to all areas of elected offices.

47/50 The Law of Purifying Action. It says by living the three pillars of Dharma, you will spiritually evolve. The first pillar is generosity, meaning non greed, letting go. The karmic results of generosity are abundance and deep harmonious relationships with others. The second pillar is moral restraints. This includes five basic precepts: not killing, not stealing, not committing sexual misconduct, not taking intoxicants which will cloud the mind and make it dull, not using wrong speech. Refrain from wrong speech means not only telling the truth, but avoiding gossips and speech should be gentle and creating harmony and unity between people. The third pillar of Dharma is meditation and it covers two areas: the first is concentration; the ability of the mind to stay steady at an object without wavering. Second is the cultivation of insight which means to see clearly the process of things in the nature of Dharma.

48/50 The Law of Karmic Excess. It says the karma incurred in one incarnation could be so overwhelmingly harmonious or disharmonious that to have it all returned in one lifetime will put you out of balance. Therefore it is dispersed or worked out in more than one incarnation.

49/50 The Law of Release. It advises you to let go of anything that is no longer useful and purposeful without regrets and without resentment. This includes such things as books, philosophy, clothing, belief, your lifestyle even a club membership and the list goes on and on.The pleasure should be in the moment of the experience, and when it’s no longer useful, by letting go you free yourself to start another learning experience without being bound by the old.

50/50 The Law of Ritual. It says that any act performed repeatedly with specific intent becomes a rite. Each time a ritual is repeated,  its power is enhanced in three ways. First, by focusing on the intent, the performer intensified the power of his mind to control reality. Second the performer gives permission to his guides and those on the other side to assist him in the desired manifestation. Third, each performer of the rite draws upon the energy of all who have used the rite throughout all time.

~50 Primary Universal Laws that Affect Reality presented by Dick Sutphen

法 FǍ, is the 86 most commonly used Chinese word indexed on p. 127 in 3000 Chinese Character Dictionary.

Photo by Cosmic Timetraveler

Rainbow Forest (#1-3)


When i calibrate
My entire being
With God’s Light
It’s sheer bliss.
If you feel any smudge
Outside of joy
Remember His presence in
the kids or the puppy*
The pansy the hubby
the angels’ high fives
Your Soul’s Beloved
You’ll be Aligned
Golden columns merged
For You yourself are
Infrastructure of Heaven

*substitude what suits best #angels also come in all shapes and forms, with w/o wings or with furs


Fall in love with
Your kindness a sea that
Surrounds me like
Calming feathers
Fall in Love with you
The unconditional factor
The conjoined flamed veins
Converged Divine implant
Red white cells and platelets
Passion bliss and the acceptance
To meander God’s miracle courses

#fromtheangels #soulmates #frequency #SacredLove #Energy #DivineCollective #Unity


I have so much

To say but how would

You read it It’s a conviction

Pronounced by you

Expanded in God’s Love

Photo/artwork via Pinterest/Reddit

85- MOST COMMON CHINESE WORD 同 tóng: Dr Mary Neal Quote

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同, pronounced as tóng meanssame/similar/together; 6 strokes; 85 most common Chinese word. used in phrase 同時存在 means “co-exist”

Pic source: “Uplift – The Relationship between Science and Spirituality

Where God’s love is present, there is no room for destructive emotion. I discovered Grace. I was also shown the beauty that came out of each and everyone of those painful experience when seen from a distant perspective…The spirit beings started to take me down this beautiful pathway that exploded with colors, flowers and the aroma of flowers which was what speak beauty to my soul. I absolutely believe that God presented to each one of us the experience at the time of our death that does speak beauty to us that let us know that we are known and loved…During my time there, I had a complete understanding of the divine order of the universe. How it could possibly be true that there is a God that is real and present Today? Knows each and everyone one of the billion of us on this planet, individually, love each and everyone of us as though we are the only ones and has plan for each and everyone of us and for the world that’s one of hope.

I researched extensively, every possible explanation or excuse anyone has ever mentioned…, at the end of months’ research, I had to conclude that mine had been a true and spiritual experience. .. And I discovered also that science and spirituality actually co-exist very easily because they answer different questions..My most important transformation was moving from hope or faith in God’s promises to absolute Trust.. I will claim to know that there really is life after death- heaven and I actually believed that it is the very reality of that heaven that brings context, meaning and purpose to my own life. What I mean by that is best shown in this next slide: (See above) Many of you will see a white cup and some of you will see blue faces. But if you focus entirely on the cup, you will miss the context and the meaning provided by the faces and if you focus entirely on the the blue faces you will miss the beauty and the purpose of the cup. If you imagine for a minute that white cup represents our life here on earth and the blue faces represent Heaven, God’s people, God’s intention, God’s love. If you take away that background of heaven, then this white cup of life becomes nothing but potential..So I am free from my past and I don’t worry about future and heaven brings a context to my life. So what that means is I am free, to be fully present in every moment of this day. I trust that God is always present, that there is nothing that can separate me from His love, that beauty will come off all things, in its time and that all things work together for good.. Wonderfully you don’t have to die to have this transformative experience but you do have to OPEN YOUR Heart and that is why I am here today.” ~quoted from Mary C Neal MD’s “I Died, Went to Heaven, and Came Back!”; please see below for the original 12 minute speech

同 TÓNGis the 85 most commonly used Chinese word indexed on p. 537 in 3000 Chinese Character Dictionary.

Poems of 99 (#99 The Atlanteans Return)

As a scribe, my task would be to share the poems/messages that came through me with those who will resonate in faith and peace. If they don’t, please disregard. Thanks so much dear friends for stopping by; your beautiful presence, writing, comment are deeply loved and appreciated. Divine blessings to you always:)

The atlanteans return
After millions of years
From eternal perspective
This is but a dent

We’ve projected from the past
Our embodiment into this
Here and now 
We’ve reserved the force
To be Remembered to be present
To activate ourselves by Gods essence 
Into twelve stranded angelics

Your pain or path maybe from 
karma tanglement or sacred agreement 
To bear it & beat it for humanity
you may release
Them with ascension violet  
Soul's mission memory flame
You may remember me
From the high priests temple
Where we loved feverishly
In flesh are NOW elevated
To Love even more so in Holy Spirit

Navigate multidimensionally 
metaphysically with your energy
It's the hot(joy) cold(sad) game 
to move into the up direction
Who brings us irresistible 
Delight and ecstasy
Atoms and soul deep
Beloveds secular and esoteric
Gravitate to light and keep
Surpassing dormancy
Earthly  seraphics
Fulfilled trinity incarnation
This will be our last

#fromtheangels #priestess #SacredLove #UnityConsciousness #Oneness 

Photo via Stewart Pearce

“Many lightworkers and starseed souls are aware that this is the most important lifetime they will ever experience on planet earth. Also for many wise and advanced souls who came to earth to open the path of ascension and lead the way, this is the last incarnation they will experience in the densities of the four lower dimensions of material planes of consciousness.“ ~ Archangel Michael, Awakening YOU