About Reflection Haiku

Reflection Haiku Original Release: 2011 1st Edition
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Reflection Haiku Kindle and Paperback Release: 2019 Edition

“Short, powerful, modern and traditional at the same point. ” ~Tolovaj Publishing

This poetry book is light-coded to initiate the spiritual seekers embarking on the journey of Ascension, offering 52 haiku (written bilingually in Chinese and English) for a 5D living in harmony with simplicity and clarity. 

From Reflection Haiku


Time is eternal

Fragmented by the human mind

A drop out of sea


Deceit to the eyes

Transformations of all forms –

Love unencumbered


Stretching meadows –

Our souls breathe in unison with

The pulse of windBfu2-gECcAASfQO.jpg

Art”Ecstasy”by Maxfield Parrish