Rainbow Forest (#68-74)

I was locked out of Twitter briefly last Sunday and lost all my drafts .. so this time, I remember to save them in a post. Greatest gratitude dear friends for all your beautiful comments, pics, inspiring-encouraging words and works! They light up my soul and sky!! I appreciate your dropping by for a read. God bless & my love is with you always 🙂


Where did my drafts go
I hope they flied to you
They disappeared
Line by line
To the void
In split second though
I can’t retrieve
I hope they went to you


Christ was here
Before I knew
Christ Is Here
Now I See
Christ will be here
Like He Always Has Been


We stepped on a land mine
And collapsed like Legos
Whatever shapes
We can rebuild
Will be a Heart.
Embedded planetary logos
Monad Creators
Keep raking up
The Trove of Love


You’re my reward from
God. Your love reminds
me of Him everyday


I received a note
From heaven and it
Sets my heart on fire
Puts it in intensive care


What can I say
To bring you
Happiness when
Yours to me is of utmost
for I’ve everything I’ve asked
And your angels have no feelings
Except feelings for you
And your fulfilled Love


My eyes-
They tear up for
The very first time
Something too beautiful
enters it. There’s
no easier way to say it
His verse summarizes
All our ancient souls
mean to put in words
With far more
brilliant cosmos

Image via Kurdistan

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