Rainbow Forest (#60-67)


You are the rope that
Ties my tongue and hands
I can only love you
With my vibrations
And move you with my soul


How his eyes changed
When he saw me
tender softer focus
on fire & can’t look
At anything else


I swim in the universe
Of your musical notes
They echo from
Our enigmatic eras
Now finely tuned
The vastness of unknown
No need to find us
We are traversing Home


a sign we can
Finally get rid of
the vocabulary
And live the invisible
For you to be assured
of my everlasting love
Independence of
Presence or interpretations
Straight to our fumes
Of interactions
I know all your sinews and
Every muscle
You’ve forged a golden key
Back to the Eden


They will not teach you
Tesla in school
They will not point you
Lao Tzu on compass
But their practitioners will be
Guided to them without fails
For these Teachers
Had not died Had not left


At (life)times
We need to keep distance
To come out of this end
Spiritually alive
Don’t come closer
Don’t play safe don’t play hard
For I will become Light and
You will be golden dust
For you are Flame
I’ll turn violet ashes
Don’t come any closer
For you’ve already
Completely covered me

(Complete Cover 1/2)


I tried to find faults
But you are flawless
In your character, ingenuity
and love
Sweet are your words
sweeter the eyes
Sweetest the heart
If I don’t melt
I’m not a human-angel


Your ego may be
In lockdown but your
Sovereign spirit can
Soar freely with me

📷photo via Engny #5DEarth #harmony #Ascension #compassion #soulmates #Love #meditation #LightBody #DivineCollective #Eagles #Condors #Peace

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