Rainbow Forest (#51-59)

Golden gratitude to my beloved friends for your beautiful, heartfelt comments posts and sharing of unique posts and creative contents: they inspire me tremendously continuously on Love course and it’s a great honor to share my life’s journey with you raising collective consciousness together. My poems are accumulating out of hand and in this post I also include some of the earlier bluer poems for a balance of colors lol. Emotions like fluffy clouds come and go but my love and God’s blessings are with you always like the sky ever ancient everlasting! Namaste and thank you so much for stopping by:)


The future tense
Merged with the current
Spiritual correctness
In the Now moments


You completely cover
Me Where do I go
But to express myself
on your back
Canvas of nail prints
Or tattoos like your
Name in my heart


Lazy river moon river
The impressionists
One of these we float in the air
If anyone would pull us
Down Raincoats
He will throw thunderbolts


When you know
You can summon ocean
To your eyes
Will you look at
Your tears differently
When you laugh
So hard that you cry
It’s 50 50 percent of
Bliss and joy
Do tears have temperature
Do they know their owners
From which sky this rain comes
Why it’s burning on my cheeks


He likes to make me mad
As putting redness to my cheek
and then solves me with love
The best philosophy of his

He looks at, talks to
Works walks thinks of sits with me
Honors me Writes to me
Cherishes Nourishes me
All with Love
reckless excess mindfulness
Our existential necessities


You pull the string
So hard it bleeds
Bleed for red love
For our freefall
The pleasure of sensuality
And beatings when we were
Inside the maze
That I cherish more than my life
But Lord the Christ bled
On the cross
And He is Innocent
His blood is pure white. He
Bleeds for all

Cleansing pain Clearing path
Wayshow a narrow door for resurrection
Descend to tell the truth
And wake us up from sheep sleep
Lest our loves stuck in the cycle
Unconscious back and forth
Death and reincarnations
Break the chain
of illusions
The Separation from
God’s Love with Ascension
His Hands extends
The celestial invitation


We are connected
Where we used to be
Then heart to Heart
Soul to soul
Synergy of energy
fountain of love
Revolving portals of


When I ran out of jewels
My sweetheart
I just need to run to you
Show you my wings and
Your muse will
give birth to my next


I save all my
Nine lives for you
Cat Art 117

You constantly
Remind me Where
My heart is beating

He has control
Of everything except
When it comes to me*

#5D *Love/God #HappyCaturday #Chakra #SacreEarth #spirituality

Photo via Pinterest

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