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日, pronounced as means “the sun, day” ; 4 strokes; 93 most common Chinese word. Simplified Chinese: 日

“I come to realize that mind is no other than mountains and rivers and the great wide earth, the sun and the moon and stars.”
~ Dogen Zenji #quote

Image source: Remnant Ones

Harmonizing opposites by going back to their source is the distinctive quality of the Zen attitude, the Middle Way: embracing contradictions, making a synthesis of them, achieving balance.”
– Taisen Deshimaru

“Life and death are of supreme importance. Time swiftly passes by and opportunity is lost. Each of us should strive to awaken. Awaken. Take heed, do not squander your life.”
– Dogen Zenji

“In a mind clear as still water, even the waves, breaking, are reflecting its light.”
– Dogen Zenji

“Zen is not some kind of excitement, but concentration on our usual everyday routine.”
Shunryu Suzuki

 is the 93 most commonly used Chinese word indexed on p. 452 in 3000 Chinese Character Dictionary.

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