Rainbow Forest #45-50


Thus I invited
You to cease judgement
And let all the poetry
Flow through till
Time resumes again


I’ve known to
Please you
Now to quench
Your soul’s thirst
For peace and truth
Leveling advanced
Everything I do
For God, I do it for you
For our Love

I’ve so many drafts
They run around
Like deers scattered
Elephants stomped on earth
And all I felt
Is the earth quakes*

*shifts #5D #Ascension #priestess


From buffalos
Phoenix Rising to
Flying elephants
Condensed feeling
I may sound baffling
But I’m addressing the lions
For I’m also one of
The lambs anointed
By God’s innocence
When I speak I may quiver
For Love phenomenons
But the sacred reverence knows
Strength in contradictions


Even my beloved can’t
Make me meek
But with Heavenly Father’s
Silent command
I’m opening dusted Bible
listen to 83 hours
Of Holy Audible
Take all your lift
And left all the symbols
Which poets won’t fall for words*
Which priests won’t rise for God
which angels won’t praise the Lord

#Bible or any discipline
Sacred Scripture that you are akin to
Or Preferably read all of them for 5D😉
*/Love #FrequencyofGod

If you have Audible subscription, The Holy Bible by King James Version(82 hrs 53 mins) is free to listen:


I lost my voice
And Gain my Sight
To see your Love in my mind
In a stormy Holy night
And how lovely to know
This relief that
You still have my heart
After all these timelines
You can still hear me


I am not proficient
In imagination
I write what I see
In my visions
Precious Immediate
and Soul family
In my divine Consciousness
These are my Realities

Images credit: Shutterstock/Julia Ardaran

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