Rainbow Forest (#38-44)

#38. When I sit next to you
Your hands will
Start moving
Like on autopilot
Impossible to stop it
This embrace
Knows where to find peace


I can’t think
I can’t write
These days
I can only deliver poems.
Two for you
One for myself
When you ask me questions
Stare at your flare
I can only answer with love


Purity is piling up
How quickly can we absorb
Seraphics sing whatever
Comes in rhymes
But human angels
Model after the Creator
They strive for perfection
in each word


God put a sword
On my crown-Chakra Halo
Split me into two
I sprang forward
Like a full spectrum
Of Light
Ascending each level
Leaving part of me behind
Till I reach back to Him
And there’s no guts or insides
So will you fall in love with Light
Now wearing nothingness


These spears
You shot to my heart.
Are multi useful merciful
They helped us climbing out
Humanity’s stiff cliff
They helped us driving
it to the other side to God
The worthy suffering for
Your Love after the pain
Come such intense bliss


時而澎湃 時而激昂
時而幽傷 時而艷麗
時而絕望 時而深情

Trans(from google; sorry can't translate my own Chinese poem lol)  You are my love song 2020, sometimes surging, sometimes passionate, sometimes hurt, sometimes gorgeous, sometimes in despair, sometimes affectionate, I can write endlessly, just like our love can’t stop.


You are my Love poem 2020
Written with a fiery
Talent dazzling iris only
Heavenly eyes shall see
Let me catch a breath

Washington DC Cherry Blossoms over Tidal Basin/LanternPress. Thanks dear friends so much for stopping by and grace me and my poems with your reading. I would like to express my deep appreciation for your splendid comments, posts, creative works and content sharing. They continuously inspire me and how thankful I am that our life and love can take on this new level of connection in the sacred 5D earth that we are assisting co-creating in this time. Namaste and divine blessings are with you always🙂

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