Pic source: LemurianAwakening

The Lemuria I knew had all been

communicated to me from Within

And I had been planning

to read more about it

But short on time to do research

to find a good book to begin

Somehow I know the one I

Must read will just fall into me

As is the case when dear Jason

Shared the youtube post from

Consciousness Evolution Journey including

a free pdf link to the book:

Lemuria: The Lost Continent of the Pacific

which is highly recommended

I know I have to give it a read.

And I’m so happy I did:

The spiritual aspect of it

perfectly reflected The Lemuria I knew

some part (ie marriage etc )I’m not so sure

But again we are not here

To debate right or wrong

For in 5D we need as much

info and insight we need

It’s like the elephant analogy

You may touch its back

And I the elephant’s feet

and since our visions dimmed

we need all the parts we see

For the whole picture to complete

#5DEarth #Lemuria #Spirituality #Awakening

I have put together the sections that resonate deeply with me such as the cosmic mind, meditations, spiritual laws, Universal principles of God, reincarnations among others. Also regarding volcanoes – it’s mentioned that there are many volcanoes in Lemuria and recently I had been seeing many volcanoes in my visions (and wrote about them too). Also the book talked about Lemurians’ concept of “Death” as being a ‘ transition’, ‘a valued change and improvement in status’ which ring true to my innate understanding and also known to me is that being the highly spiritually advanced civilization, the Lemurians chose the location and time of their death/passing and this is also validated by the book on p67. This book has many focus on historial, archaeological and geographical data but my main interest is guided toward their spirituality teachings. If you are interested to read the whole book, here is the link to the free pdf is attached. Great thanks to Jason (@RedwolfRemarks) and Consciousnesses Evolution Journey for this precious resources sharing:

LEMURIA: The Lost Continent of the Pacific by WISHAR S. CERVÉ and DR. JAMES D. WARD

“In addition to the long period of time through which the Lemurians

had learned the lessons of life and attained mastership through

perseverance, industry, study and cooperation with the highest laws,

they had the advantage of being free from the contaminating influence

of false knowledge and a material conception of life.”

“The Lemurians and their descendants despised guess work and

speculation in their learning. They came to realize that there was one

dependable source of positive knowledge and this was the Cosmic


It is for this reason that in all of the later developments

of their sacred literature, which constituted their real books of

knowledge, they placed great emphasis upon the value of meditation

and concentration, and we should not be surprised, therefore, to find

that they became mighty and powerful in their ability to attune with the

Cosmic Mind and in their further ability to comprehend, understand,

and interpret the impressions they received. From these practices

developed all of the sacred ritualistic practices of the various religions

that developed among their tribes or descendants who went into other

lands and established what later historians called the various religious

rites and beliefs.” It was commonplace

for the Lemurian to close his two physical eyes and to stand still at any

moment of his dally activities and focalize his consciousness upon the

center of his forehead and receive an impression that might have been

translated into one of sight or smell, or hearing, or feeling, or tasting.

To them the spiritual part of the world was the most important,

because it was the only real part and the only dependable and safe

part in life. Thousands of years of accumulated knowledge had taught

them that the very foundation upon which they stood, composed as

it was of earthly materials, and subject to the mighty changes that had

taken place and would take place, was a most unreliable and unreal part

of life.

Their conception of a future existence was quite unique and yet

most logical, and probably as good as any that we have today. They

were not only firm believers in the doctrine of reincarnation (not

transmigration) but they had had ample time, and the faculty with

which to prove, that reincarnation was a fact and that there were those

living among them who had lived before on the same continent and in

intimate contact with them. Therefore, reincarnation was not a matter

of belief with them, for, as I have said above, they had no beliefs which

were not demonstrable truths. They knew reincarnation to be a fact

They definitely stated that the personality of man was ethereal,

spiritual, invisible essence and consciousness, which would occupy the

fourth dimensional conditions of a purely spiritual world, and that such

a world could not be located or described, limited, or compared with

material terms relating to the material world. Even the Cosmic Mind

which they looked upon as superior and above all human and material

things, was not considered as being above them in a physical sense,

nor located in the heavens or the clouds, as we think of Heaven today,

but was considered to be in all space, everywhere, and for this reason

they were apt to picture the Cosmic Mind or Cosmic consciousness

as being within their rooms or even in the deeply excavated secret

chambers beneath their homes, as in the vast space above the clouds.

With such a nature and such an understanding of universal conditions

it was only natural that the Lemurians should have developed a very

high degree of appreciation of spiritual laws and principles. Their

conception of God was of a universal principle, both positive and

negative, male and female, and Creative and loving in every sense.

In fact, my readers may be surprised to know that they looked

upon transition not only with a total absence of fear, but as a valued

change and improvement in the status of the individual, and they

were capable of deciding when transition should take place, and how,

and it was common for the Lemurians at certain ages to announce

to their relatives and friends that three days, or two days, hence they

would pass through transition. They and their relatives would then

make preparations for such an important event and all material affairs

would be adjusted. On the day of the expected transition the devout

ones would place themselves on that portion of sacred soil which they

had selected to be their burial place, and with due ceremony lie down,

bid farewell to all, close their eyes and go into eternal sleep within a

few hours. Seldom were Lemurians stricken unexpectedly by any disease,

and even accidents due to the attacks of savage animals, which was

their greatest problem, were generally known to them in advance and

every attempt was made to avoid such attacks. The average Lemurian,

however, chose transition as the next step in his life after he became

convinced that he had accomplished all that he could do or all that

was expected of him. (67)

The first thing we were taught in the Oriental Monasteries, regarding

the beginning of the human race called man, was that God was first,

last, and always; that God was and is a supreme, divine, intelligence,

who produced, evolved, and manifested man and every living thing.

We were taught how and why man was produced. Our teachings were

handed down from the Sages of Antiquity, and had been recorded

in various ways and were perfectly understandable. They stated that

God realized that every spiritual existence had to have a spiritualized

manifestation in transition in order to be consciously conscious of its

own existence, God having produced nature and every living thing had

an idea of an ideal manifestation of the absolute, and He produced man

as perfect as He Himself was perfect. If God failed in one millionth

part of the perfection of man, and if our modem writers change that

first man in any way, they destroy the existence of one Infinite God.

God endowed man with reason and he lost track of

his divinity; then came sickness, pain and death. Lameness and disease

came into existence and from this there were millions blind, so many

so, that thereafter the Atlanteans called them the blind race. However,

there were many times more in numbers who were physically whole and

pure as the angels in heaven.

With such a nature and such an understanding of universal conditions

it was only natural that the Lemurians should have developed a very

high degree of appreciation of spiritual laws and principles. Their

conception of God was of a universal principle, both positive and

negative, male and female, and Creative and loving in every sense. They

had outgrown any earlier beliefs that their primitive forbears might

have had that storms and strifes, cataclysms and destructive forces,

were sent by gods of evil or by a loving God expressing His wrath.

They looked upon all of the processes of Nature as constructive, even

when temporarily destructive, and considered these as established laws

of evolution having been created by a loving God in the beginning

of time. Their interpretation of God as analogous to the human

individual was much like comparing God with a Great Master, as well as

parent, of all living beings. He regulated or controlled every process of

nature with only one thought in mind, that of life and the perfection

of the human race.


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