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Poems for Angels

              Pic © Beliefnet   Angels on earth See your wings In your visions –   Feel their fluttering Come alive from the Immaculate heart Overflowing with Unconditional love for humanity.   Flooded Are the … Continue reading

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Singing Bird

宛 pronounced as wǎn ; 如, pronounced as rú; used together means “is like”( Ocean over the Time Lyrics #3, 4) “My heart is like a singing bird.” ~A Birthday by Christina Rossetti  #Quotes A Birthday BY CHRISTINA ROSSETTI My heart is … Continue reading

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Brickmaster since 4 Celebrations with #LEGO Never grow old   ~ Lily Wang #parenting #micropoetry (Pic: LEGO 10243 Creator Expert Parisian Restaurant (6.5 hrs) LEGO 40223 Snow Globe (15 min) by Andrew Haddadin, 15 yrs old)

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