STRAY BIRDS by Tagore- AuthorLilyWang Book Review

Window to Tagore,
This review is from: Stray Birds (Classic Reprint) (Paperback)
STRAY BIRDS comprises three hundred twenty six short verses or aphorisms by Tagore, the Indian Poet Laureate, whose love of nature and simplicity as well as his regal command of poetic words is crystalized by this precious volume of poetry. Tagore won Nobel Prize in Literature in 1913 with Gitanjali (Song Offerings) and this book, published in 1916, and translated by the poet into English himself offers new readers a quick window to peek into the greatness of the Tagore literary temple. Tagore spiritualizes nature into the experiences of human existence:

Find your beauty, my heart, from the world’s movement,
like the boat that has the grace of the wind and the water (255)

The Stray Birds of summer that took flight from Tagore’s window a century ago, have flown into my heart to sing and to stay.


About Lily Wang

Lily Wang is the author of BABY HAIKU, GARDEN HAIKU and REFLECTION HAIKU. She holds BA and MA degrees in English and has done literature coursework worldwide. Wang now lives with her husband and two children in California.
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