James Herriot’s TREASURY FOR CHILDREN – Warm and joyful tales by the author of All Creatures Great and Small

Animal Treasury for Generations, December 27, 2010
This review is from: James Herriot’s Treasury for Children: Warm and Joyful Tales by the Author of All Creatures Great and Small (Hardcover)
For a child who loves animals and a parent who wishes to share the power and magic of James Herriot’s tales, this TREASURY is a dream coming true. Heirloom quality that can endure generations, this 260-paged hardcover is presented in full water-color format with beautiful and engaging pictures on EVERY page from illustrators Peter Barrett and Ruth Brown that young readers will feel they’ve known all the characters and animals inside the stories all along.

Eight of Herriot’s beloved tales are collected: ONLY ONE WOOF which tale I still remembered clearly since the first time I read it a decade ago, THE CHRISTMAS DAY KITTEN whose brave mom found him the perfect home before passing away along with MOSES the KITTEN, BONNY’s BIG DAY, BLOSSOM COMES HOME, SMUDGE, the LITTLE LOST LAMB to my children’s favorites, OSCAR, CAT-ABOUT-TOWN and THE MARKET SQUARE DOG. Each tells a unique life story of an animal that children will love to hear. James has a deep humanity approach to teach children about the priceless gift of love and compassion humans and animals can share with each other. This handsomely designed book is one of the first heavy volumes that my kids were able to finish on their own from beginning to the end. Besides giving them more confidence in reading, these tales about ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL with Herriot’s style distinctively fresh, warm, joyful and good have made it the most treasured book in our family.

About Lily Wang

Lily Wang is the author of BABY HAIKU, GARDEN HAIKU and REFLECTION HAIKU. She holds BA and MA degrees in English and has done literature coursework worldwide. Wang now lives with her husband and two children in California. www.lilywang.org
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