Month: October 2010

INCH BY INCH by Leo Lionni – Garden Haiku Daily Recommendation

The world of the inchworm, October 30, 2010 Leo Lionni has a sensitive heart to catch tiny creature’s world for the readers to see and in INCH BY INCH, the seemingly vulnerable inchworm has relied on his usefulness and intellects to beat the odds…

IN THE SNOW by Huy Voun Lee

>The Chinese writing lesson continues with IN THE SNOW which teaches young readers another 10 forest-snow related Chinese written characters. More advanced than IN THE SAND, these ten beautiful and picturesque Chinese words ranges from 4 lines to 12 lines and there is a…


Humanity and history, October 28, 2010 Children can’t learn enough about this great hero and this top-rated book has wonderful thing for kids to know about him – George Washington loved animals. He was the best horse rider known in his neighborhood, he checked…

THE DOT by Peter Reynolds – Book Review

Cultivate the artistic heart, October 27, 2010 Behind every artist is a great teacher. THE DOT is a simple and inspirational story: Vashti is intimidated by an art project and believes that she can’t draw. The teacher’s timely and sensitive advice to “just make…


I know Abe Lincoln always wore a hat, but I don’t know he kept notes and papers in them until I read this book with my kids! One of the great reads from STEP INTO READING (STEP 2) books written for grades 1-3, ABE…


A Fable of it’s Own, 2010/10/26 Leo Lionni’s tales are characteristically simple, unpredictable and beautiful and A COLOR OF HIS OWN is one of those touching fables where a sad chameleon who is tired of his color changing wishing to be more like other…


Very highly recommended, this Step 4 book that comes with longer paragraphs for ready readers grades 2-3 introduces kids to Benjamin Franklin, one of the greatest figure in the American history – his life and his many accomplishments through humorous texts and vivid illustrations….

The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin

A Legendary Halloween, October 22, 2010 This review is from: The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin with CD (Hardcover) I was introduced to SPOOKLEY by my kids who every Halloween, request to hear THE LEGEND OF THE SQUARE PUMPKIN year and year again….

ROOM ON THE BROOM by Donaldson

A Ride in the Sky, October 21, 2010 This review is from: Room on the Broom (Paperback) With a soft heart for animals, this unconventional sorceress with her tiger-striped cat embark on a windy flight full of accidents – first her hat blows away,…

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