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I have been sharing traditional Chinese words with quotes on twitter @reflectionhaiku for the past couple years. Sometimes 140 words aren’t enough for the quote, I finally set up a Facebook page to put the longer texts there in entirety along with simplified version of these Chinese words. If you are already on Facebook, I  look forward to connect with you for inspiration, poetry, parenting fun. 
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Yj Moyu Aolong Magic Cube review


As I was about to drive away to pick up my daughter, my son stopped me in the garage and asked me to watch him solve his new Yj Moyu cube. I told him I only got a minute  and  he did it with this amazing magic cube in that short amount of time! He broke his old Rubik’s cube while turning it too fast and has purchased this new amazing sticker-less cube where he can solve it in speedy time. Since he got it, he has been showing us many new tricks and how fast it can turn and different patterns you can create with it. He has been taking it apart and putting it back and this speed cube in his hands simply fascinates us. If your kids love the art of Rubik’s cube, this Yj Moyu Aolong will bring much delight to their experiences.
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Reflection Haiku – English and Chinese haiku ebook by Lily Wang is now released

Reflection Haiku: Living Modern Lives the Simple Way
– Lily Wang’s English and Chinese Zen Shorts

Product Description
About a year ago, the idea of this book first came to me. I was inspired to write a chapbook in the name of REFLECTION HAIKU to help myself and my readers simply their modern lives. Our earthly world ebbs and flows with challenges and changes, with emotional ups and downs. Oftentimes, all it takes is a poem, a yoga pose or a wonderful serendipity to dissolve those limited thoughts in the Presence of Peace.

Last to my haiku series, REFLECTION delivers fifty-two zen shorts bilingually in English and traditional Chinese which are paired by similar topics but they are not the exact translations of each other. These two distinguished languages require different approaches to consummate the artistic point and the ability to read Chinese will certainly add much dimension to our poetic encounter. Nonetheless, as I traveled from Taiwan to the world, I’ve met people of all nationalities expressing to me their love for the beauty of this ancient language. It is to those who share a kindred appreciation for the Chinese writing I dedicate this book. Thus, even if you don’t read Chinese, I hope you find those oriental lines, like paintings of words, still a joy to see.

This ebook, written in 3-line format, contains statements of quiet reflections about places I’ve been, animals I admire, gifts about life and messages that flashed into my eyes in a year’s time. The most magnificent views are hidden in the ordinary scenes and the great enlightenment lies within in this moment. Wherever you are in the spiritual path, may this book be your friendly companion –

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Book of the Day- RUMI: THE BOOK OF LOVE: POEMS OF ECSTASY AND LONGING, translated by Coleman Barks

I am enamored of this book for within a few pages, my eyes can see these poems are alive. Rumi, the 13th century Sufi master, has found his modern vocal through poet Coleman Barks – I can’t read the original language but from those translations I found the poems to be poignant, vital and awakening. This book is divided into 22 chapters of ecstatic readings with Mr. Barks commentaries preluding each section initiating a discourse where a diverse of poems are included. In the discussion of “Sohbet”, regarding the retreats where poets dwell and the jobs that poets do, Emily Dickinson’s celestial lines are quoted:

Of visitors, the fairest.
For occupations, this:
The spreading wide my narrow hands
To gather paradise. (11)”

The Lord of poems is no mystic to those who’ve experienced epiphany. His words have escaped the time and the restrictions of death. Such poems are enlightenments:

Inside this new love, die.
Your way begins on the other side.
Become the sky.
Take an ax to the prison wall.
Escape. Walk out
Like someone suddenly born into color.
The speechless full moon comes out now. (33)”

My sister sent me this gift of poetry on my birthday and whatever she wishes to say is well-expressed by this BOOK OF LOVE.

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Book of the Day: A SICK DAY FOR AMOS MCGEE, written by Philip Christian Stead & illustrated by Erin Stead”

An Amazing Day, July 12, 2011

The kids and I are all fascinated and grateful for this heartwarming picture story about Amos, a zoo caregiver who has established his relationship with his animal friends so deep that when Amos was sick one day, it was their turn to return his favor and care. Readers will see the cutest animals with distinguished personalities, big and small, sweet and wise, array from elephant, penguin, turtle to owl.., all present to Amos in their own different way on this difficult day, the best healing medicine of all – friendship, Abundant details within pages to make your heart and soul smile and it is very easy to see why this book has won the prestigious Caldecott award – congrats!

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Book of the Day – MERCY WATSON THINKS LIKE A PIG, written by Kate Dicamillo and illustrated by Chris Van Dusen

70 pages. My kids would really love to move next door to Mercy Watson but the grumpy neighbor Eugenia would rather enjoy a gracious life planting petunias than having fun with a charismatic pig. Written by Kate DiCamillo, and illustrated by Chris Van Dusen, this talented team championed another hilarious and dangerous adventure storybook where Mercy was drawn into “Unmentionable Horrors” after she ate the neighbor’s flower. Stella and Frank invited Mercy to the tea party and she was perfectly disguised with a fancy hat. But the animal controller still caught her – only to be honored as a hero who rescued a truck full of dogs and the Watson Family’s beloved lost pig. Each page has fantastic detailed pictures to probe into – snake in a toilet, raccoon in the trash, party settings, garden scenes and such appealing touch is spread to the bottom where the page number is inside a toast! This is a real treat for young kids and their read-along parents.

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A collection of thirteen stories that I grew up with(Taiwan) and love to pass down to my children, this colorful volume, with authentic Chinese-style drawings, brings back to life legends and tales that feature wise scholars, talking animals, emperors and goddesses. These thousand-year old stories are written to educate young minds to do good deeds and cultivate moral wisdom. Straightforward plots reinforce the lessons learnt from famous stories like “The Frog who Lived in the Well”, “Dream of the Butterfly (kid’s version of Chuang Tzu’s philosophical tale)”, “Carp Jumping Over the Dragon Gate”, “Chang-E Flies to the Moon” and “The Monkey King”. Every region may have slightly varied versions, but this favorite book has done an amazing job and we look forward to reading more.

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