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This post originally started on twitter a week ago but overflowing exceeding the words limit to find itself a better home on my blog! These lines transmitted not much for sense making but for cellular memories connecting to higher self for those who would resonate and if not please disregard! Peace & Love to you always! Thanks for dropping by dear friends and Namaste:)

‪The ethereal class where we took the assimilated test on the Course Earth when we are but Pure God’s Light, cozy and eternal. The results found me excelled only in Language and Sacred Love, the rest were fiasco at mere passing scores. You, on the contrary, scored nearly perfect on every subject. Physics, writing, math, biology; history, geography, politics, art, algebra, chemistry etc. when it came to pick family, I said “give me best parents, best brother and sister, best dog, cat and pets. Give me best husband and best kids too. I want an easy wake up Ascension experience”. Looking at your top scores‬, ‪you said, “give me challenges, worst case scenario, manipulative abusive people, defeats of all sorts physical or spiritual, heartache heartbreak relationships or alcoholics drugs violence influences you name it; I can handle it; I will show the way back.” The interstellar instructor said: “You know once you incarnate on earth, you won’t have any of those skills or knowledge. With all these difficulties you might lose faith and even forget your Divinity.‬”
‪Laughing we all were and you turned to me and said, “if I do forget my divinity, just give me triggers.‬”
‪’Triggers? What kind triggers?’ I asked‬
‪’Just mention power animals, talk divine to me or just say trigger and I’ll remember.’

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Poems of 99 (#68-74)

‪ #multidimensional #remember #frequency #Light (in case my twitter glitches, I’m putting the 2nd round of drafts into this post! Thank you dear friends for dropping by! Peace and love to you always:)


Your words‬
‪Make me forget‬
‪All restrictions ‬
‪All illusions for they are‬
‪But Love himself
‪Standing in front of me ‬


My entire being‬
‪As a vehicle to drive ‬
‪You back to the summit ‬
‪High Way to God ‬


Have you read her‬
‪Verses? ‬
‪A flutter of emotions ‬
‪Another poem is born‬ in me

#prompt: flutter


‪The goddesses are wild‬
‪The priests clueless‬
‪God pounds His hammer‬
‪The angels proclaim
‪Love and Order‬


‪How I’m delighted‬
‪To ascend with ‬
‪Your company ‬
‪Beads of words ‬
‪Sweat on your forehead ‬
‪Light up my world ‬
‪The glow of gold ‬
‪Blinding eyes ‬
‪Sights for the souls‬


‪Don’t stop‬
‪Creating art*‬
‪God delights in seeing you
‪Exercise the works‬
‪Assimilating His Reality‬
‪Don’t stop‬
‪Thanking fragility‬
‪God is honored‬
‪Through our‬
‪Reverence for ALL His creations‬
‪infinitesimal or gigantic‬
‪Don’t stop‬
‪Loving God‬
‪Who is also You and Me

*writing poetry/or doing anything that will bring your heart pure joy/ in divine alignment with your gift




‪You are angel of God‬
‪Step by step‬
‪In the track of miracles ‬

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Stroke animation

於, pronounced as means “in / at / to / from”; used after 由(由於)= because; 8 strokes; 80th most common Chinese word. Simplified Chinese: 于

I was guided from within to share and summarize the 50 Universal Laws referenced by Dick Sutphen into 3 lines and here are more complete texts for a quick reading (freely available on youtube). For 5D earth, It’s quite essential to practice and familiarize ourselves with all the principles of spiritual laws and the holy scriptures. I backtracked what I’ve been shared so far(No 30- No 35) along with the regular Chinese word posting to catch up! Thanks dear friend for stopping by and Namaste:)

Photo by LedyX

30/50 The Law of Activity It says that action is the result of thought and part of a triad. Every thought produces an alchemical process in your consciousness and is the manifestation of motif, intent or desire. This union of two is necessary for action and will ordain the karmic implications.

31/50 The Law of Denial It says when you refuse to deal with the highly emotional issue or refuse to take responsibility of an unpleasant situation, you avoid living up to your potential. Such things can be put off for lifetimes, but the effect will be experienced mentally, physically or as a lifestyle manifestation until you correctly balanced the situation.

32/50 The Law of New Beginnings It says that for each of us in our time, there are major life-turning points. There is a break in the energy wave patterns and a complete change will result. Everything is affected by this change and flux; something to a lesser degree than others. Examples will be: 1. A traumatic situation or tragedy such as the death of a loved one. 2. A religious conversion. 3. A point in therapy when something clicks and from that time on the patient began to get well. 4. a mother giving birth to a baby

 33/50 The Law of Compensation. It says you and you alone are responsible for everything that happens to you. All is the result of your past thoughts, words and deeds which has formed your present attitude. Your attitude towards life and life’s experiences have returned to you in the form of rewards or problems as love and joy or as confusion, trouble and heartbreaking experiences. This karmic rewards or punishments can be delivered immediately, at a later date of your present life or in the future reincarnation.

34/50 The Law of Psychometric Influence. It said that two things, animate or inanimate, once its in contact with each other, will continue to act upon each other even at a distance long after the actual contact has been severed. Matter comes into contact with other matter absorbs and influences as the result of the contact. There is psychometric blending at the etheric emanations. Thus, the person wearing a piece of an inherited jewelry will be influenced by the psychometric emanations of the original owner. The more empathic the person is, the more likely she will be influenced by the state of the mind of the original owner. As another example, when the contact takes place between two people, the intensity of the contact will dictate the degree and the ration of the influence. So, a sexual union will result in a lengthy mental connection of the two people even they did not see each other again. Neither might recognize this consciously, but on unconscious level, contact and influences continue.

35/50 The Law of Totality. It says that each part of a totality has its own characteristics and also takes on the characteristics of the totality as a sum of its parts. Each part thus has two functions: to retain its own characteristics and to function as part of the totality. When separated, each part remains connected to the totality and because it retains the characteristics of the totality, it can perform as the totality. You may not realize this yet, but since you are part of God, you contain the potential to perform as God. This law also expressed as the Law of One.

~50 Primary Universal Laws that Affect Reality presented by Dick Sutphen

, is the 80 most commonly used Chinese word indexed on p. 665 in 3000 Chinese Character Dictionary.

Poems of 99 (#58- 67)

#pastLife #multidimensional (in case my twitter glitches, I’m putting the drafts into this post! Thank you dear friends for dropping by! Peace and love to you always:)



‪My heart is a ‬
‪Beehive full of‬
‪Honey and bullets‬


‪True poetry‬
‪Will move either‬
‪Your soul or tears ‬


How is it that‬
‪love you will trigger‬
‪A near death experience ‬
‪Memory of last lane‬
‪That we resist in Peace‬
‪Til we spark again‬


‪Who Loves you ‬
‪More than God but me‬
‪And there’s Oneness‬
‪Unity not to‬
‪Confuse or compete‬


‪Your ascension is prophesied ‬
‪My hands are tied‬
‪As is always my instinct‬
‪To serve & love‬
‪like angels watched me‬
‪drown in anguish‬
‪is it my turn to watch it‬
‪My eyes aren’t reserved ‬
‪For those who‬
‪refuse to see‬
‪Heaven or DOG‬
‪As true messengers‬
‪Of GOD spelled backwards‬
‪In this opposite world‬


‪If humanity ‬
‪sleep deeper and deeper‬
‪They’ll need ‬
‪worse and worse nightmares‬
‪Wake up and choose #joy‬
‪You can’t create a better world ‬
‪From hijacked epitome*‬
Strange how this decision‬
‪Required also courage‬
‪Trust your beloved ones ‬
‪They’re constantly sending ‬
‪Positive messages‬

*disconnected divinity #5D


Who shattered your heart‬
‪Can i apologize on their behalf‬
‪Pick it up Keep walking‬
You are indestructible God*
‪In human uniform

*speck of God


‪Finger tip on your ‬
‪Back roll like petaling ‬
‪Tells bedtime stories
‪Shimmering shivering ‬
‪Take us to a crusade ‬
‪Divine resonance ‬


‪This night‬
‪Feels like eating ‬
‪an opium‬
‪Though I never tasted one‬
‪It’s how I would imagine ‬


‪Such beautiful jewelry ‬
‪Is her poetry I wear ‬
‪Fondly as my aura ‬


I AM not in a place
Where you can’t go
I AM Not in a dream
That you will be
I’m in the state
of consciousness
Here and Now
All is quiet all is calm
All is Love
Close your eyes
And hear this sound
Stillness of
surrendering surrounding
And peaceful visions for
Your interpretations

Photo by Art Wager

Poems of 99 (#55-57)


Nothing is as ‬
‪Phenomenal as how‬
‪You make me Feel‬

‪This moment is worthy‬
‪Because of Your Love‬
‪Should I dump ‬
‪all my poems on You ‬
‪Who is it all about ‬

‪I might forget where I‬
‪Save all these lines‬
‪For how long.‬
‪You’re my lucky charm‬
‪Ambivalent Benevolent‬
‪With You I can’t do no wrong‬


‪拋下萬象 禪字中‬

‪ English translation:

I used angel feathers ‬
‪Capturing flowing clouds‬
‪It seems to have met you for a while ‬
‪My faded language ‬
‪Drop dharma in the text‬
‪Footsteps you left within ‬

Photo credit: Tabiiro Travel‪


This is the rewind‬
‪When you think you are dead‬
‪In this world ‬
‪Completely covered in dirt‬
‪Reduced to rust‬
‪Except a breath like the‬
‪Last warrior‬
‪Come a seductive call to‬
‪Get up and Love‬
‪your soul throbs stirred‬
‪Purging pain across the bone‬

‪But you are awake‬
‪Like rising up from the Tomb‬
‪And it’s a New day‬
‪Like you will never ask‬

Angels’ Reminder- Unity Divinity

To some, this will be known facts and to others, this message may sound like a far fetched story. I had been in the latter, but now understand the message to be true. I was guided to write this post to share with those who will resonate and if they don’t, please disregard. Thank you so much dear friends for dropping by ! Namaste:)

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The disasters, catastrophes and atrocities on this 3D Earthly plane are not God-made/created/allowed but man-made/created/allowed assisted by the fallen Angels who are masters of Universal Laws especially the Law of Karma (Cause and Effects), the Law of Manifestation and the Law of Attraction. Mankind bring things upon themselves stuck in karma which is a Law ever precise transcending lifetimes and space. Men create vividly with their imagination and hence if not aware can be manipulated by the fallen ones using subtle means(for examples, medias, horror movies, hijacked symbolisms) to project the world as an unjust, dying sphere to serve their own agendas. In doing so they firmly anchor the illusion for those who vibrate in the same frequency to experience them and authenticate them. We need to stop questioning why God would allow massive cruelty & suffering because it has nothing to do with God but it’s humanity unconsciously and collectively attract/wreak havoc into holographic reality perceived as solid by the majority. Many returned ancient gods’* forces were also misdirected to add to the creation of hell (knowingly or unknowingly till their own awakening) and we can’t argue its validity for one who believes will be attracted to every evidence they created for themselves in the first place. To awaken to our true power and to dedicate all this power to peace, unity with Divinity and all lives on Gaia are Keys. In duality third dimension, where there’s good there’s evil. When there’s negative, there’s positive. When there’s beauty, there’s the opposite. But God is Unconditional Love encompassing all at zero point. To disengage from 3D distortion is to go within and see God’s inspiration that we are here to embody and lives the vision with conviction without much attention to the external fragmentation. This experience of reunion with God lives INWARDly and will ripple through to the New Earth for those that are readily aligned and can contribute also to anchor the Light of SacredLove.

*advanced souls


Stroke animation

市, pronounced as shì means “city/ town/ trade”; 5 strokes. 79 most frequently used Chinese word. (79 #Chinesewords)‬

‪‘ONCE a beloved asked her lover: “Friend,‬
‪You have seen many places in the world!‬
‪Now – which of all these cities was the best?‬
‪He said: “The city where my sweetheart lives.’

~ Rumi, Look! This Is Love #quotes ‬

Photo by John R Rogers

‪This city now doth like a garment wear‬ ‪

The beauty of the morning; silent bare

Ships, towers, domes, theatres and temples lie ‬ ‪

Open unto the fields and to the sky ‬ ‪

All bright and glittering in the smokeless air. ‘‬

‪William Wordsworth #quotes ‬

市, shì is the 79 most commonly used Chinese word indexed on p. 484 in 3000 Chinese Character Dictionary.


I was guided from within to share and summarize the 50 Universal Laws referenced by Dick Sutphen into 3 lines and here are more complete texts for a quick reading (freely available on youtube). For 5D earth, It’s quite essential to practice and familiarize ourselves with all the principles of spiritual laws and the holy scriptures. I backtracked what I’ve been shared so far(No 22- No 28) and thanks dear friend for stopping by! Namaste:)

Photo source: CaravanSonnet

“No 22   The Law of Threes: Two is generally recognized as positive and negative and becomes a Law only when combined with a neutralizing force. When three become a unit, neither of the original two are more powerful or larger and each behaves for itself in the benefit of the whole. Examples are Father, Son and Holy Ghost;  Conscious mind, Sub-conscious mind and Super-conscious mind; Mother, Father, Child.   When a man and woman are combined with the neutralizing state of marriage, they become a three. “

“No 23 The Law of Association. If two or more units have something in common, the commonality can be used to influence or control the other thing. The amount of control depends upon the degree of commonality. The more in common they both are, the more the influence. As an example: if you pray while holding a bible, you will be more likely to experience a spiritual connectedness.  The bible and the prayer shared a commonality. As another example, proper diet and exercise share the commonality of perceived good health which is more likely to manifest as a result of your assumption.”

“No 24   The Law of Commitment. When you become clear on your intent, making a decision and obligating yourself to a task or belief, everything begins to fall into place if your direction is in harmony with the universe as relates to your purpose. Once you’ve pledged this direction, things began to happen almost magically as if you are a magnetic drawing into your experience that which is needed for manifestation. The key to this ultimate power is to have no indecisiveness at all and the greater your emotional desire, the more power you will give to those on the other side who can assist you and the more rapidly the manifestation.”

No 25 The Law of Dissonance. It says you are going to experience spiritual discomfort when you hold two conflicting beliefs or when your actions don’t agree with your beliefs. As an example, you believe smoking is bad for your health, yet you continue to smoke. You believe that you should be a more patient mother, yet you continue to yell at your children. The law says when your belief and action are incompatible, you will attempt to reduce the resulting discomfort by changing either your actions or your beliefs.  The smoker will become an ex-smoker or he will deny or rationalize the health threat. The impatient mother changes her behavior or rationalize her attitude by saying it’s better for me to yell and release the anger than to suppress it.”

No 26 The Law of Experience: It says that new information entering your mind destroys previous  information of the similar nature. Once a pathway of information has been established in your brain, that viewpoint will prevail unless new information comes in to destroy and replace it. As an example, on horseback riding,  your fall off and hurt yourself. Now if that’s the end of your experience with horses, your experience has been programed negatively. That’s why the instructor always urges new rider to climb back aboard immediately after falling off. You need fresh new input to erase the trauma of the fall. The Law is an innate organic process that does not require your conscious attention or active participation..”

“No 27 The Law of Fearful Confrontation. This Law says if you fear doing something and yet have the courage to do it anyway, you will soon do a mental flip flop and may become addicted to doing it. As an example, if you fear skydiving, but force yourself to do it. The experience generates the internal release of beta endorphins. The internally manufactured opiate chemically resemble opium and are quite addicting. The more you sky dive the more you will want to sky dive or ski straight down mountains or gamble or whatever it was that you are originally feared and still causes you this internal rush.”

No 28 The Law of Group Consciousness. Everyone of us is part of the great energy gestalt and connected on the level of the collective unconscious. Each individual aspect of the gestalt has its own electrical system, its own vibrational frequency and interacts with all other aspects. Thus we are all electrically connected to one another and to a central point. Our higher self or psychic level. it’s possible for anyone to tune in to anyone else and to draw upon the awareness of the entire gestalt. Like the concept of the hundred monkeys, mankind takes advancing steps when group consciousness reaches a critical mass and new awareness is accepted by the whole.

No 29 The Law of Personal Return. Although this Law is really just another way to view karma, some people prefer it. It says if you think negatively of someone or send hateful thoughts to them, the thoughts may harm the person but in due course they will return to the sender it sent. The same is true with disharmonious deeds. But the good news is the Law of Personal return also works in reverse and positive thoughts, words and deeds will be returned to the sender.” ~ #Quotes from 50 Primary Universal Laws that Affect Reality presented by Dick Sutphen

Poems of 99 (#53-54)


‪My love is limited‬
‪A confinement‬
‪For you to burst free‬
‪into wholeness ‬
‪of The Holy‬

‪My Love is real‬
‪as invisible residue‬
‪Of universal truth‬
‪to be held by Soul in Peace‬
‪Changes swift‬
‪But frequency of Divinity ‬
‪Remains steadfast ‬
‪undertow Oneness‬
‪Rooted deep in ‬
‪God’s First Seeds‬

#divinefeminine #divinemasculine

‬pic via Dr JenningsBlog


‪Wrap my leg hold‬
‪Against the reason of your waist‬
‪We have many barricades ‬
‪Built round us ‬
‪from the psychic‬
‪Armageddon wars‬
‪That you have questioned‬
‪And God has answered‬‬
‪Whist your minds‬
‪Protesting any injustice‬
‪Our souls had‬
‪Partaken the quiescent vehicle‬
‪Checked in on Venus*

#9D *Arcturus #5D #Earth #unconditionLove #Frequency #Awakening #starflower #peace

#prompt: residue/undertow