#32- MOST COMMON CHINESE WORD: 為 (wéi)-doing |Chuang Tzu QUOTE

Pic source: 故宮交泰殿無為匾額欣賞

為, pronounced as wéi = doing/action/to act as/to do/ to become/because of/ for

9 strokes; 32nd most common Chinese word 

Simplified Chinese: 为

“Life follows death and death is the forerunner of life.
Who can know their ways?
Human life begins with the original breath;
When it comes together there is life,
When it is dispersed, there is death…”

“Heaven and Earth have great beauty but no words.
The four seasons follow their regular path but do not debate it.
All forms of life have their own distinct natures but do not discuss them.”

“The sage looks at the beauties of Heaven and Earth and comprehends the principle behind all life.
So the perfect man does without doing and the great sage initiates nothing,
for as we say, they have glimpsed Heaven and Earth.”

Page 188 and 189The Book of Chuang Tzu by Martin Palmer

Pic Credit: Frank Falwell “Sunrise at Tengger Caldera”

How to write and pronounce 為 / 为 in Chinese:

Stroke animation

為 / 为 has two tones: 

  1. second tone wéi as in 無為 (does without doing )
  2. fourth tone wèi as in 因為 (because)

#32: 為 (wéi) is the 32nd most frequently used Chinese word indexed on p. 556 in 3000 Chinese Character Dictionary

#31- MOST COMMON CHINESE WORD: 到 (dào)-Arrive |Martin Luther King, Jr. QUOTE

Stroke animation, pronounced as dào means “arrive”. 8 strokes,  31st most common #Chinesewords 

Simplified Chinese :

“And the leaders of the world today talk eloquently about peace. Every time we drop our bombs in North Vietnam, President Johnson talks eloquently about peace. What is the problem? They are talking about peace as a distant goal, as an end we seek, but one day we must come to see that peace is not merely a distant goal we seek, but that it is a means by which we arrive at that goal. We must pursue peaceful ends through peaceful means. All of this is saying that, in the final analysis, means and ends must cohere because the end is preexistent in the means, and ultimately destructive means cannot bring about constructive ends.”

~ Martin Luther King, Jr., “A Christmas Sermon on Peace,” The Trumpet of Conscience, 24 December 1967

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How to say and write (dào)-arrive in Chinese:

#31: (dào) is the 31st most frequently used Chinese word indexed on p. 97 in 3000 Chinese Character Dictionary

#30- MOST COMMON CHINESE WORD: 家 (jiā)-Home |Gary Snyder QUOTE

Stroke animation

, pronounced as jiā means home. 10 strokes ; 30th most common Chinese Word.

Simplified :

“Nature is not a place to visit, it is home—and within that home territory there are more familiar and less familiar places.”

~ Gary Snyder, ‘The Etiquette of Freedom.’ The Practice of the Wild, 1990

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How to say and write 家(jiā)-home in Chinese:


#30: 家(jiā) is the 30th most frequently used Chinese words indexed on p.234 in 3000 Chinese Character Dictionary

The Practice of the Wild by Gary Snyder



Stroke animation

, pronounced as chéng= to complete /to succeed / to finish /to accomplish / to become / to turn into.  6 strokes; 29th most common Chinese word  


“Man learns through experience, and the spiritual path is full of different kinds of experiences. He will encounter many difficulties and obstacles, and they are the very experiences he needs to encourage and complete the cleansing process.”

Sai Baba, Tablets Of Truth  #quotes  

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How to say and write (chéng) in Chinese:

#29: (chéng) is the 28th most frequently used Chinese words indexed on p.62 in 3000 Chinese Character Dictionary; 

Visiting Taipei: Top 6 Blogs

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Note: I’ve reviewed more than these six blogs/websites and several of them are quite inspirational. Unfortunately, I could not find them during my recent search. I will continue to add to this post and as soon as I found them! Happy traveling😊







Stroke animation

會, pronounced as huì= will / to be likely to / to be sure to/ can /to be possible/ meeting/chance. 13 strokes; 28th most common Chinese word

Simplified: 会; 6 strokes

‘Care about people’s approval and you will be their prisoner. Do your work, then step back. The only path to serenity.’ ~Lao Tzu Chapter 9, Tao Te Ching 老子道德經 #quotes

Chapter 9

~Artwork source: terracemuse.tumblr “Draw & Wings”

How to say and write 会/(huì) in Chinese:

#28: (huì) is the 28th most frequently used Chinese words indexed on p.217 in 3000 Chinese Character Dictionary; 


Stroke animation , pronounced as zhè = this . 11 strokes; 27th most common Chinese word

Simplified: 这 ; 8 strokes

“Fergus. A king is but a foolish labourer
Who wastes his blood to be another’s dream.

Druid. Take, if you must, this little bag of dreams;
Unloose the cord, and they will wrap you round.

Fergus. I See my life go drifting like a river
From change to change; I have been many things —
A green drop in the surge, a gleam of light
Upon a sword, a fir-tree on a hill,
An old slave grinding at a heavy quern,
A king sitting upon a chair of gold —
And all these things were wonderful and great;
But now I have grown nothing, knowing all.”

~ William Butler Yeats ‘Fergus and the Druid’  #quotes

Pic Credit MedicalNewToday

How to say and write 这/(zhì) in Chinese:


#27: (zhè) is the 27th most frequently used Chinese words indexed on p. 705 in 3000 Chinese Character Dictionary; p. 73 in  The First 100 Chinese Characters

“Fergus and the Druid” by William Butler Yeats Complete poem and Analysis:



See the beauty of Taiwan in 3 minutes -Director Chi Po-Lin (1964-2017)


Our family is planning a trip back to Taiwan for the summer and this short intro for “Beyond Beauty – Taiwan from Above” helps providing a quick refresher of the natural beauties of Taiwan.

(In loving memory of director Chi Po-Lin 齊柏林ˊwho died in a helicopter crash accident while shooting the scenes for the sequel to the award winning documentary, Beyond Beauty, Taiwan from Above 看見台灣 )

#26- MOST COMMON CHINESE WORD: 自(zì)=self | Buddha QUOTE

Stroke animation

, pronounced as = self  6 strokes; 26th most common Chinesewords 


‘The wise man sees there is no ground on which to build the ‘Self’; thus he has a right conception of the world and well concludes that all compounds amassed by sorrow will be dissolved again, but the truth will remain.” ~ Buddha quotes  


Pic Credit@youminimalism

How to say and write 自(zì) in Chinese:  


#26: () is the 26th most frequently used Chinese words indexed on p. 743 in 3000 Chinese Character Dictionary

“The Future Buddha” https://www.budsas.org/ebud/whatbudbeliev/45.htm